Are you the bargain shopper? If so, here’s the page for you! Check out the premium lotions you can purchase for rock bottom prices. This really helps us keep our inventory fresh and constantly moving out the door. Many of our bulk customers are crafters that make their own soaps or candles yet don’t have time or the skill required to make lotions too. Buying bulk and matching up lotions to your soaps or candles adds a larger market for your products. If we don’t have what you are looking for in bulk, just e-mail us. We can most likely accommodate any request.


Keep what you are not using in the refrigerator to prolong the fresh healing nutrients of your therapeutic lotions.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

CM Naturals, this is a bit funny. I was shopping at Trader Joe’s trying to find things that would not irritate my skin. Lately my skin is not like it was. I have rush-like things and redness and dryness, itchy. Since I eat healthy and I did not eat anything out of the ordinary someone told me it could be that I’ve become allergic to my beauty products. So I got rid of everything with chemicals and started to use only all natural products. That was it. My skin just got back to normal. So I was trying to find something at Trader Joe’s that’s not going to wreck my bank account, something that is all-natural, organic and “clean”. I was reading the labels and I was not alone, we all started to talk about how and what and why. One of the ladies was a real expert (with her friend) and she told us (people with the less knowledge) that we have to try your products. I mean Forty dollars for a gallon of fantastic body lotion (unscented is so rare!) when I pay about Ten dollars for 8 or 12 ounces. I bet all the others (there were 2 other persons with me) ordered too.

One thing is for sure. I am going to continue to buy your products and will let people know what I found. That’s all! Who would have thought? Reston, Virginia, Trader Joe’s, that’s where I found you. Have a great day!

Maria S.