Rose Petal Toner


The high antioxidant content in rose hydrosol protects skin cells against damage, encouraging healthy skin cell turnover. This means that rose hydrosol is helpful for those combating UV damage or compromised skin tissue due environmental factors. The reduced lipid levels and slower collagen production that occur in our skin as it ages can be effectively treated with the essential fatty acids present in rose hydrosol.

Rose Hydrosol, a potent anti-inflammatory, applied topically means soothed skin and reduced redness and inflammation.  For those suffering from acne, rose hydrosol toner is helpful when it comes to cleansing clogged pores. And due to its antibacterial properties, a rose water toner can drastically reduce the size and severity of active blemishes, plus the natural astringent properties mean that it can clean pores, tighten capillaries and remove excess sebum.

Rose hydrosols combined with exfoliating witch hazel and ultra soothing vegetable glycerin will leave your skin primed for the application of any following serums or moisturizers.

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Bulgarian Rose hydrosol, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin and rosehip oil.